Bankruptcy Attorney in Portland

Escaping from large amounts of debt doesn't have to be an impossible feat when you have a reliable bankruptcy attorney on your side. At the office of Erik Graeff in Portland, OR, my goal is to help you navigate the complicated legal system so that you may begin a path towards a brighter financial future. I offer my clients a variety of options that cater to many unique needs and circumstances.

At Your Service

When you come to me for local representation, I'll help you understand the eligibility requirements for different kinds of bankruptcies. If you decide to move forward, I'll help you file the necessary petitions, negotiate with creditors, and argue on your behalf in court. I'll do my best to deliver excellent customer service during every phase of your case.

The office of Erik Graeff is staffed by a bankruptcy attorney who will give your case their full personal attention every step of the way. I'm available during a flexible schedule to address any questions or concerns you might have. Call my Portland area office today to schedule a free initial consultation.